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Interview with Raj Ramayya

1. Hello Raj, please introduce Beautiful Losers to the public.

The Beautiful Losers are an "Indian Influenced Acoustic Rock" act originally formed in Tokyo, Japan. Brett Boyd and I met and started our careers as professional songwriters and musicians there,but, have since moved to San Francisco where we continue to be active performing and releasing our music internationally. We've had our music tied with several TV commercials, shows and brands over the years and have had the pleasure of opening for such groups such as The Indigo Girls, Matt Nathanson and Coldplay.

2. You have various influences in your album from different music styles. Would you like to tell me about these influences?

We are quite eclectic in our approach and love a variety of styles. This latest cd "Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet" was actually recorded in India, Japan and California. It features classical Indian musicians and singers and the folky rock influence of Northern California. We've also blended in some classic Beatles with "Across The Universe" and a huge Bollywood hit called "Yeh Dosti"

3. How would you describe the ballance between folk and pop / rock music?

Its a precarious balance as we love elements of all genres yet  want to create something thats totally The Beautiful Losers. I think to a large degree we have accomplished this.

4. Can you please describe us your latest album?

Its a journey around the world and through our experiences in life. Its all about learning to survive, lose and sometimes win...all with dignity and grace.

5. Do you have any plans for touring?

We are always performing,but, for the most part in North America. We are totally open to touring internationally if there is a demand for us.Just ask...we might show up!

6. Your music has been placed in movies, commercials, etc. Would you like to tell us more about these activities?

On top of The Beautiful Losers I do a lot of composing for Anime, Games, TV commercials and Film such as "Cowboy Bebop" Resident Evil 2 etc etc. Placing our music on various productions has always been something very natural for us and I think we were a bit ahead of the times when we first started doing this. Its definitely a great way to get the name out and develop a fan base.

7. What kind of expectations do you have from this album in personal and commercial level?

Personally we would like to see people touched and moved by the songs. Commercially we would like to develop a relationship with our fans that brings them back for more and encourages them to introduce us to their friends etc

8. Do you think that being indie instead of signing a contract with a label, is the next big thing in ths music industry?

"Yes" to some degree. Promotion is still important and teaming up with companies or brands that can help you to spread your music is very important.

9. What is the feedback from fans and media til now?

Very good! We tend to connect with people on a very personal level. I always here people say that our music has helped them through the rough times in life.

10. What's the secret behind the title of the band "Beautiful Losers" ?

Its actually comes from a Leonard Cohen novel,but, its also a metaphor for the type of people that really understand what we are trying to say with the music.


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